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Video conferencing: Going the Distance

by IST, Apr 7, 2016

Imagine living in a rural area where there is one school option with a limited faculty. Would you drive an hour or more out of your way every day to make sure that your child gets a good education?  

This used to be a big problem in rural communities. But today, these students are able to experience the same educational opportunities as students in highly populated areas thanks to video conferencing and digital technology in schools.

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5 Valuable technologies that will modernize theaters

by IST, Mar 11, 2016

 With so many advancements in technology, the classic marquee out front may not be enough for large theaters with high volumes of customers. It’s great to see people lining up outside for a new movie, but keeping all of these people happy and getting them to their correct theater efficiently could be a nightmare.

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Site Readiness: To Survey or not to Survey?

by IST, Mar 7, 2016

You want your team to have what they need to complete an installation quickly, and you need it done well. But your deadline is hard and your budget is tight. Does conducting a site survey make sense? Is it worth the extra cost and time? In most instances, yes. It's crucial to review each work location in advance to ensure your technicains can begin work immediately upon their arrival.

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Uber drivers: employees or independent contractors?

by IST, Dec 16, 2015

Uber Technologies Inc. and some of its drivers are disagreeing on one major thing: their employment status.

Uber views its drivers as independent contractors for various reasons, such as the drivers’ freedom to control their own schedules. Other factors that Uber controls, such as how they do their jobs and how they are paid, are reasons that drivers think they should be classified as employees.

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Large project Coming up? Check out our eBook on Contractor Strategies!

by IST, Dec 9, 2015

If you're managing a large installation project or service job, deciding which contractor strategy you should take might be one of your biggest challenges. 

Check out our new eBook titled Contractor Strategies: Staffing Large Installation or Service Projects to learn about four different strategies to handle short-term staffing spikes, as well as five driving factors to help you make your decision. 

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Benefits of a monthly service agreement

by IST, Oct 22, 2015

Monthly service agreements work like an insurance policy. For a flat monthly rate you can ensure repair costs throughout the year. In addition to being covered when something breaks down, an agreement might have a preventative maintenance plan, which could include scheduled visits to make sure everything is working properly.

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3 things retailers should know about EMV

by IST, Oct 9, 2015

 October 1st, the much-anticipated deadline for the EMV liability shift, has come and gone. Now, the liability exists with the least EMV compliant party involved. Let’s break down what this means…

 If a business is using technology that is not EMV-compatible and their customer has an EMV enabled card, they are liable for any fraud that results from that transaction.

However, if a business has an EMV-enabled card reader but the bank hasn’t issued the customer an EMV enabled card the bank is liable for fraud.

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Panera Technology Investment Paying Off

by IST, Oct 1, 2015

Restaurant Business recently honored Panera Bread with the Tech Accelerator of the Year award, which is the top technology award in the restaurant industry. Panera received the award for their efforts in expanding the boundaries of how technology is used in-store.

The strategy that Panera has implemented is called Panera 2.0, which began in 2014. Panera is now implementing a mobile app for placing orders to be picked up when most convenient for the customer. They have also added self-service kiosks for customers to place their order, which helps eliminate lines and gives customers an easier way to customize their orders.

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Benefits of digital signage in c-stores

by IST, Sep 24, 2015

Digital signage and menu boards have become an expected feature in quick serve and fast casual restaurants, but convenience stores could benefit just as much from implementing the technology. Since c-stores are changing the way they operate and what they provide, the benefits of signage are essential, especially at the point-of-sale.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Signage

by IST, Sep 10, 2015

If you’ve invested in digital signage, you probably know its pros can go a long way. That being said, if you’re not utilizing your displays correctly, the perks won’t be as noticeable. IST broke down the do’s and don’ts of digital signage to inform you of what you need to do or not do to make the most of your digital signage displays.

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